The Sparkle Spa beauty session  will transform your guests into Glamour Girls! 

Frequently Asked Questions

1.  What if it rains on my party date?

​      Answer: Rain, sleet, or snow the Sparkle Bus will be there (unless roads are closed down or overly flooded).

2.  Is the birthday girl included in the 10 count?

​      Answer:  Yes​

3. Is there anything that I need to do before you come?

​     Answer:  The only thing we ask is that you remove all old nail

polish off the girls, we handle the rest so you can sit back and relax!!

4. My daughter wants to invite 16 girls, can you fit that many?

​    Answer:  Yes, however due to limits on the time a double booking is required for more than 13 guests. Call us for more info.

5. Can my daughters 2 year old sister participate?

​     Answer: We don't polish children that young but she's welcome to come aboard and get all the other services.

6. What's customary to tip?

​     Answer: Typically, parents tip between 10%-20% of there bill, but evaluate our services and tip your hearts desire.


7. How many workers will be present?

​     Answer: Three

8. Can the girls eat/drink on the bus?

​     Answer: ​Only bottled water or juice box beverages allowed. However, since polish is wet half the time, we suggest hydrating before and after the service time. No food please.

9. Is a chaperon needed the entire time?

​     Answer: No. We encourage parents to either kick back and relax, or prepare food and entertain the adults while our "Sparkletts" handle the girls.​​

(844) KIDS-SPA

 Sparkle Spa Bus

Voted BESTSpa Parties in Houston!(patent pending)

The Beauty

Sparkle Spa Party Guidelines:
Please note that in any instance where there are mechanical issues with the bus that are out of our control, you will be offered a full refund for the deposit paid, to reschedule, or if time allots and you choose; the staff will show up to the party location and perform all services (except karaoke and glow services) indoors for the fee of $225.   

For younger guests, it's wise to ensure bathroom break right before services, otherwise the girls may have to go as soon as we begin polishing.

Sparkle Spa asks that ALL old nail polish be removed from hands and toes. This helps us stay within the timeframe. An additional Removal Fee of $5.00 per girl applies if old polish is present.